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Resilient Mind ~ Healthy Body ~ Happy Life


Guiding women in caregiving roles to connect the dots 

between nutrition, resilience & health

Connecting the Dots:

Resilient Mind


While no one is immune to everyday stress, its vital to learn to see stressful situations as opportunity rather than opposition. We can give you tools that help minimize the effects of stress, determine what "happiness" means to you, and take action that builds optimism, confidence & resilience

Healthy Body


Food IS medicine. Eating out of stress, boredom or because we are too tired to think about what to eat, leads to bad food choices. We can show you how to form better habits, sift through outdated information & make logical nutritional choices that help you manage stress and stay as healthy as possible

Happy Life


Our educational workshop & programming can help you build awareness of how our body's natural logic works, to help us heal and thrive. By applying this information you can make better lifestyle choices, overcome stress and adversity & live a healthy life full of happiness, vitality and purpose


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